Nikolas #11470 Clear Epoxy RFU is an epoxy baking lacquer which exhibits properties not found in other types of baking clears. This material has excellent adhesion to brass, bronze, aluminum and other metals. In addition to good adhesion properties, chemical and solvent resistances are outstanding. While the resultant film is hard, it will maintain good flexibility. This material is ideally suited for processes that involve post soldering and post forming and will stand up to external heat very well.

Suggested Uses

Nikolas #11470 Clear Epoxy RFU is commonly used on lamps, interior lighting, brass furniture, cabinets and door hardware, fireplace sets, brass accessories and aluminum nameplates.

Low bake
Highly resistant to water, stains, chemicals and wear
Easy application
Excellent appearance
Ready for use

Additional Products

#11694 Clear Epoxy Bake RFU For electrostatic application