Nikolas #11565 Outdoor Lacquer RFU is an air dry lacquer designed for field repair of exterior brass and bronze. It is easy to apply and reverse. It has excellent adhesion to brass, bronze, copper and aluminum plate. #11565 OD Lacquer RFU is supplied ready for use, allowing the operator to focus on getting uniform results. Because of its excellent flowing capabilities, orange peel is virtually eliminated.

Suggested Uses

Nikolas #11565 Outdoor Lacquer RFU is commonly used for exterior brass and bronze refinishing, signage, statuary, silver plate, post engraving, marine hardware and exterior lighting.


Air dries, requires no special equipment
Highly resistant to water and chemicals
Ease of application
Excellent adhesion to aluminum, brass, bronze and copper
Available in colors
Available in any gloss, or as a toner to produce simulated finishes
UV and weather resistant