Nikolas #2105 Clear Silver Lacquer is a “water-white”, air drying, solvent based coating. When properly applied to metal surfaces, it forms a coating that protects from oxidation, perspiration, sulfur and abrasion. #2105 Clear Silver Lacquer dries to a hard transparent film that is excellent for interior metal products, particularly non-ferrous surfaces such as silver, copper, brass and bronze.

Suggested Uses

Nikolas #2105 Clear Silver Lacquer is used on lamp and lighting parts, brass furniture, giftware, picture frames and hardware. #2105 Clear Silver Lacquer is used by original manufacturers and refinishers.


• Applies easily
• Air dries, requires no special baking equipment
• Mixes quickly with #2105 Thinner without separation
• Can be washed off with #70 Cleaning Thinner
• Applies to a clear even gloss
• Perspiration resistance
• Can be flattened to any sheen
• Can be tinted to simulate gold or bronze finishes on brass
• Available in low bake formula for solvent resistance
• Available in aerosol cans
• Water white