Nikolas #6574 Clear Epoxy Primer is a pre-mixed clear primer ready for use as supplied. It can be applied by dip or spray and will air dry in 5 minutes at room temperature. #6574 Clear Epoxy Primer RFU can also be cured with a short force dry cycle of 150F for 5-10 minutes to allow packing for shipping. This material can be finished with air dry lacquer, synthetic enamel or baking enamel. It can be baked at the same schedule as the baking enamel without harm to the primer.

Suggested Uses

Nikolas #6574 Clear Epoxy Primer is an excellent primer for stainless steel, bronze and aluminum, as well as plated finishes such as chrome or cadmium. It was developed for use with the many metals that do not lend themselves to good coating adhesion.


Ready for use
No thinning required
Fast drying
Promotes adhesion
Adds durability
Clear coating