Nikolas #8321 Clear Exterior Lacquer is a water-white, air drying, solvent based coating. It will produce a quality protective coating for brass, silver and other solid and plated materials. #8321 Clear Exterior Lacquer is particularly suited for exterior protection of non ferrous metal and has excellent adhesion.

Suggested Uses

Nikolas #8321 Clear Exterior Lacquer is recommended for use on jewelry, lamps and exterior hardware fixtures for the boating industry, both freshwater and saltwater. It is also used to protect anodized aluminum and silver goods.


Air dries, requires no special equipment
Highly resistant to water and chemicals
Ease of application
Excellent adhesion to silver, brass, bronze and copper
Available in colors
Available in any gloss, or as a toner to produce simulated finishes
UV and weather resistant
Available in aerosol cans