Nikolas BLB Lacquer is a versatile solvent base lacquer. Its primary use is as a bronzing vehicle for bronze powder, but has found uses in a variety of applications. To use BLB as a bronzing liquid, simply disperse your bronze powder in some thinner and add BLB. This mixture has good shelf stability and excellent spraying characteristics. While BLB Lacquer does not possess the same overall durability as some of our more specialized products, it affords dependable performance as a general purpose coating.

Suggested Uses

Nikolas BLB Lacquer can be used as a clear coating for brass and works especially well on polished brass that is marginally clean. BLB Lacquer also works well as a general purpose wood lacquer, having good hardness as well as flexibility.


Dependable performance
Adhesion on a variety of surfaces
Excellent shelf stability with bronze powders (over 60 days when used as recommended)
Good flexibility
Fast drying